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Thoughts And Dreams.

Many thoughts run through my mind today.

Of what tomorrow will bring.

The world is in a state of fear,and so am I.

We all are afraid that we might die.

Our lives are changed,and forever.

Is there really a tomorrow?

What seemed to be the most important.

Now takes second place.

I wanted just to see that face.

Not a chain,just a ribbon of Love.

Love means so many things.

To share,the tears,the smiles,the longings.

Not to hold,or crush,but to be there when needed,to give support,and most of all freedom.

Yes,its a strange love,with no demands,except to know someone cares.

But isnt it better than no love at all??

If you try to explain it,it has none to give.

I see it as a friendship that has become ripe.

Like a flower that starts as seed,and blooms with the passing of time.

A book,that has been read so many times,its pages are dog eared and tattered.

But the story in side is still as beautifull as when first read..

Life brings us such joy,and pain.And we react in different ways.

But fate sometimes steps in and you know what it says..

Altho you are near the end of Lifes path,there is more just around the bend.

Around the cornor,in a field of golden flowers.

There is still some special hours..

These hours of love and joy,are hard to find.

They can be had alone as you think of someone you love.

In a dream when you are both together on a beach,or a mountain top.

Or when you are together,even for a short time.Be it days,or hours.

You must look beyond a face that time as etched her mark.

Look deeper,in to their heart.

And when its time to part again,take somethng with you,that your mind can remember.

Something that makes you smile,and feel not so alone..

It might be a smile,or a look in their eyes.

Or just a hand held out in Love.

Yes,we travel this path alone.

And fall off now and then.

Some times,we fall to our knee,s,and getting up is hard,but we must!!

Some times we ask Why??

Altho our answer may seem not to come,we hear no voice,loud in our ears.

But on we go,stumbling,one foot in front of the other.

These are my thoughts,and dreams..

Not meant for the world to see,but only for one.

Not explained well,I know..

But words that I hope mean something to someone..

Words that say,I love you,in so many different ways..

So,carry these words with you,keep them safe.

These words,time will not erase.Nor change.

Where ever you go,or what you see.

There will always be someone with you..Me!!

Maybe not in body,but there just the same.

All you need to do,is type my name..

Oh how strange this must be,for others on side.

Just know this,I havent lied.

Take this love,and know its not a chain.

And when you come,and leave again.

Its not goodbye,its till we meet again..

And now for those 3 words,that carry so much power.

I love you now,and will each hour..